House Rules - The Kelly House mission is to facilitate the structure and support that is needed on a daily basis by those managing their own recovery.   Residents are responsible for maintaining the sober environment by meeting the following requirements:


● No possession or use of alcohol and drugs

● No drug paraphernalia or weapons

● Required to get a Sponsor, join a home group within 30  

  days of joining the residence and begin working the twelve

  steps of Alcoholics Anonymous

● Attend a minimum of four (4) meetings per week in

  employed, Daily if unemployed

● No overnight pass requests for thirty (30) days

● All residents subject to random drug tests/urinalysis- Positive

test results are shared with courts.

● No acts of violence or behaviors or intimidation

● Personal hygiene & cleanliness of rooms to be maintained daily



​● No stealing or destruction of any property owned by  

   yourself, another resident, or The Kelly House

● Attend weekly house meeting

● No smoking in house, only in outside designated area 

● Rent must be paid on-time, as established during


● Two (2) week notice is required when moving out

● Guests are only allowed in common areas

● Guests are not allowed to stay overnight

● Three strikes rule in effect regarding house rules - termination of residence  results with three (3) write ups by House Manager

                           --- For the safety and comfort of our residents, NO PETS allowed ---